After emigrating from Italy in the early 50's, my parents opened La Capannina restaurant in Soho, London.

In those days Soho was like a little village, where everybody knew each other; there was a church, three family butchers, a baker, a fishmonger and plenty of community spirit.

Over the next 46 years that my family owned La Capannina sadly all of that changed. The local shops and businesses, owned by many good friends, gradually disappeared to be replaced by corporate branded eateries and bars.

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Not to mention the packs of the dreaded Traffic Wardens who seemed continuously on the prowl! In the process the camaraderie and community spirit ebbed away and having seen nearly five decades of change we decided it was our time to leave.
Casa Paolo was born out of a dream of living in the English countryside; our idea was to find an old country pub with a plot of land where we could keep chickens, a few geese and have somewhere to grow some fresh produce, and where the only animals in packs would be the urban foxes and sheep. After an 18 month search we finally found our dream, here in rural Wiltshire.

The Foresters Arms was a country pub built in 1803 and we felt it had everything we had been looking for; a large garden, a large car park, accommodation for ourselves and plenty community spirit on hand. We believed that with a little Latin passion and commitment we could re-invigorate the place and make it a truly welcoming place for all.

Our aim is to offer quality locally sourced produce cooked in the manner we have been doing for years. Our menu will reflect the rustic North Italian cuisine that is our heritage. My Nonna (Grandmother) taught me how to cook an authentic Risotto, properly, nearly thirty years ago and Casa Paolo will respect some of my families time honoured recipes. However, the menu will not be stuck in a time warp, it will change regularly and there will be some interesting Chef specials for you to try!

We have sourced our beef, lamb and pork from locally sourced suppliers, we love their obvious pride in rearing top quality happy animals. Our fish arrives from Cornish day boats whose catch is delivered to us daily. For more information on our suppliers please have a look at our suppliers page.

In the near future we'll be planning to have our own free range eggs from our own chickens and for 2011 we will also be offering certain seasonal home grown fruit and vegetables.

We look forward to welcoming you soon at Casa Paolo